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25 November 2019
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Myeloma Seminar – La Trobe University

On the 23rd November 2019, Myeloma Australia hosted a free patient education seminar at the John Scott Meeting House, La Trobe University (Bundoora Campus). This seminar provides vital information about Myeloma and facilitates connection for people living with Myeloma, their family and friends with other members of the Myeloma community. AMaRC is thankful to be present and to learn from Prof Miles Prince AM and Matt Riley together with the Myeloma community.

Topic: New Developments in Myeloma 

Presented by Professor H. Miles Prince AM 

Professor Prince started the seminar by explaining (in layman's terms and analogies) what Myeloma is about, and went on to describe the change in the landscape of treatments available from the past and present, and how vastly different the clinical practice guidelines and mechanism of actions of those treatments are in relation to the timelines as we move towards the future. 

Multiple Myeloma treatments with FDA approvals: 2017 vs 2018

Car T cells in Multiple Myeloma


Topic: Managing expecations - A Personal Experience

Presented by Matt Riley

Matt shares his perspectives on the learnings that he has experienced with Myeloma. He fosters dialogue with the audience that Myeloma is such an individual disease, and he has come a long way and is very grateful for his recovery, and to those who has supported him  - such as his family, friends and health professionals in the hospital that he was attending whilst receiving treatment. He hopes to encourage others with his story facing similar challenges.