Who we are

AMaRC aims to trial treatment regimes, biologics and drug products, so we can identify those that show the most promise and deserve further research in bigger trials.

Our members are part of a large haematology network where they work at the bedside providing high quality medical care, whilst providing their patients with information about the latest research and opportunities to participate in clinical trials.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life and survival of patients living with multiple myeloma and ultimately, find a cure.

What we do

We work with doctors and scientists to design and conduct early phase proof-of-concept trials.

We use our extensive network of research specialists to develop, set up and run trials, usually over a number of sites located in Australia and New Zealand. AMaRC can organise the whole process including ethics approval, contracts, documentation, patient safety and compliance with research regulations.

Operational staff and organisations, such as the Alfred Hospital Haematology Clinical Research Unit with expertise and extensive experience in running clinical trials, support AMaRC and ensure trials are conducted efficiently and within reasonable timeframes.


AMaRC has a governance structure with scientific quality, integrity and safety as its core values. We have created two management groups to oversee the work we do to ensure we remain true to these values and to guide us into the future.

The AMaRC steering committee is responsible for the activities of the consortium and its future direction. Our members come from a wide range of organisations, including hospitals, universities and consumer groups with an interest in the outcomes of the consortium.

Our research advisory group composed of experienced researchers and a biostatistician, with proven research track records. It is responsible for the scientific quality of our trials and the integrity of our research program.