AMaRC aims to conduct early phase proof-of-concept studies, trialing new treatment regimens, biologics and drug products, so we can identify those that show the most promise and deserve further research in bigger trials. We also strive for a holistic approach to research by incorporating correlative science and health economic data collection, where possible.

Our members are part of a large haematology network, who work at the bedside providing high quality medical care, whilst providing their patients with information about the latest research and opportunities to participate in clinical trials. Our goal is to improve the quality of life and survival of patients living with multiple myeloma and ultimately, find a cure.


Using our extensive network of research specialists with support from the Alfred Hospital Haematology Clinical Research Unit, we facilitate all trial activities from conception to publication. Specifically, we provide support services on:

  • Trial concept review
  • Study protocol authoring
  • Clinical trial feasibility activities
  • Ethics and Research Governance submissions
  • Contract negotiation
  • Study drug supply procurement and distribution
  • Ongoing trial management and site monitoring
  • Safety reporting and monitoring
  • Publication review

We also collaborate with Monash University's School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine and register all AMaRC trial patients into the Myeloma Related Diseases Registry (MRDR) to ensure real-world data on myeloma patients is centrally collected.


AMaRC has a governance structure with scientific quality, integrity and safety as its core values. We have established oversight committees to ensure research excellence and adherence to GCP practices:

  • Steering committee - Responsible for the activities of the consortium and its future direction
  • Research advisory group (RAG) - Composed of experienced researchers and a biostatistician, to provide expert guidance on the scientific quality of our trials and the integrity of our research programs
  • Drug Safety Monitoring Committee (DSMC) - Composed of clinical specialists and pharmacovigilance experts that review study data on a regular basis to ensure trial patient safety


We are always looking for more members to join the AMaRC team. If you are an investigator wanting to explore the possibility of leading a myeloma trial or have an interest in supporting AMaRC, please contact us at:


Malignant Haematology & Stem Cell Transplantation Service

Level 2, South Block
Alfred Health
55 Commercial Road
Melbourne  VIC  3004