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14 March 2019

Welcome Note - Prof Andrew Spencer

Hello and welcome to the inaugural AMaRC newsletter! It is now just over 2 years since we launched the idea of an investigator-driven multiple myeloma (MM) focused clinical research collaboration in ANZ utilising the Myeloma and Related Diseases Registry (MRDR) and we’ve made great strides. I am pleased to say that we have established the foundations to enable the development and opening of a growing suite of novel investigator-initiated trials. We now have in place our Steering Committee, Research Advisory Group and will soon announce the composition of our Data Monitoring and Safety Committee.

At the work face, our recently appointed Project Manager, James Wilkie, continues to put in place our required processes and has recently established the AMaRC website (amarconline.org) while Flora Yuen in the Haematology Clinical Research Unit (CRU) oversees and manages our 4 active AMaRC trials, now with over 160 patients on trial.

Excitingly we have 2 novel multicentre randomised trials opening in 2019 –the IRIL trial exploring the response-adaptive utilisation of the CD38-targeting monoclonal antibody Isatuximab and the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) funded FRAIL-M trial comparing and optimising standard of care therapies, both studies in non-transplant eligible myeloma patients. I would like to thank all our collaborators and supporters who have been instrumental in our progress to date and would encourage any investigators with ideas to contact us during 2019.

Professor Andrew Spencer